An isometric grid of cubes is arranged to look like a city block. One of the cubes is taller and a different color than the rest.

Automated Change Detection in Geospatial Imagery

Employing machine learning on satellite imagery to improve representation in surveys.

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An isometric computer monitor displays the xD logo with a keyboard in front of it.

Bias Toolkit

Equipping experts with tools that help mitigate and correct sources of bias in federal data.

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A group of isometric cubes is connected by lines to illustrate the connection of nodes to one another.

Deploying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Deploying privacy-enhancing technologies to understand the future of data collection & dissemination.

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An isometric 3 by 5 grid is formed by square blocks. 4 blocks in the bottom-right are joined by a line and are in a different color demonstrating a focus, or bias, to the bottom-right of the grid.

Combating Bias in AI

Building a product that automatically detects bias in datasets that could lead to incorrect, systematically biased predictions.

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Surfacing Public Voices

Using alternative methods to solicit feedback about government-provided services.

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