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An offset grid of photos featuring five members of the xD team. Small colorful circles and gray lines are featured in between the photos.
About xD

xD is an emerging technologies group that’s advancing the delivery of data-driven services through new and transformative technologies.

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An isometric grid of cubes is arranged to look like a city block. One of the cubes is taller and a different color than the rest.

Automated Change Detection in Geospatial Imagery

Employing machine learning on satellite imagery to improve representation in surveys.

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An isometric computer monitor displays the xD logo with a keyboard in front of it.

Bias Toolkit

Equipping experts with tools that help mitigate and correct sources of bias in federal data.

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A group of isometric cubes is connected by lines to illustrate the connection of nodes to one another.

Deploying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Deploying privacy-enhancing technologies to understand the future of data collection & dissemination.

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